1.Reactor Operation & Application Research


1.1 Main Nuclear Facilities

  • High Flux Engineering Test Reactor【125MW, Maximum heat neutron flux: 6.2×1014n/(cm2.s), Maximum fast neutron flux: 1.7×1015n/(cm2.s) 】

  • Min Jiang Test Reactor【5MW】

  • Two irradiation test loops with high temperature and high pressure 【2000kW and 500kW】

1.2 Main Specialties

  Reactor operation

  Reactor ageing management

  Reactor critical physics test

  Irradiation of reactor structure material and nuclear fuel

  Isotope production

  Transmutation-doped single crystal silicon via neutron irradiation processing

2.Research on Nuclear Fuel and Material Irradiation Performance

2.1 Irradiation test loop design

2.2 Irradiation test device design

2.3 Irradiation test parameter calculation & setting

2.4. Post-irradiation examination

  2.4.1 Physical analysis

  •      metallurgical analysis(OM)

  •      SEM,EDS

  •      corrosion

  •      differential scanning calorimeter (DSC)

  •      high temperature annealing

  •      density measurement

  2.4.2 Mechanical testing

  •      tensile testing

  •      pendulum impact testing

  •      drop-weight impact testing

  •      compression testing

  •      low cycle fatigue

  •      fracture toughness

  •      bend testing

  •      micro-hardness testing

  •      burst testing

  2.4.3 Non destructive testing (NDT)

  •      visual inspection(VT)

  •      X ray & γ ray testing(RT)

  •      ultrasonic testing (UT)

  •      leakage testing (LT)

  •      penetration testing(PT)

  •      eddy current testing(ET)

  •      profilemetry measurement

3.Research on Nuclear Facilities Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Treatment

3.1 Nuclear facilities decommissioning

Reactor security shutdown project design and engineering

Nuclear facilities decommissioning project design and engineering

Design of special devices and tools for nuclear facilities decommissioning

Nuclear facilities decommissioning management system

Nuclear facilities decommissioning technology consultation

3.2 Radioactive waste treatment

Design of nuclear facilities radioactive waste treatment system

Treatment of gaseous, liquid and solid radioactive waste

4.Radiochemical Analysis

Analysis and research of reactor water

Burn-up analysis of fuel elements  

Radiochemical separation and analysis of fission products in irradiated fuel element

Chemical decontamination in nuclear facilities

Vitrification of radioactive waste

5.Environmental Monitoring Technology

Monitoring of nuclear facilities radiation

Examination and assessment of environmental radiation

Monitoring of exhaust gas flow

Measurement of personal exposure

Radiation protection & environmental evaluation

6.Radioactivity Measuring & Calibration Technology

12 measuring Standards and Equipments

γ-ray Exposure Standard Equipment (for therapy treatment)

γ-ray Exposure Standard Equipment (for protection)

γ-ray personal dose measuring equipment

Neutron fluence rate standard equipment

4πX-γ activity standard equipment

4πβ-γ activity standard equipment

γ-ray activity standard equipment

4π(LlS) activity standard equipment

125I activity standard equipment

α、β surface emission rate standard equipment

4πγ ionization chamber activity standard equipment

Iron vitriol radioactivity measuring standard equipment