New type blast-proof heating work piece


The new type blast-proof heating work piece can be applicable for nuclear power plants and other nuclear establishments. It can also be used in electric boiler and electric heating for various large equipments in the petrol, chemical and vacuum industries. This product has gained national patent.


This product has unique structure (double protected sleeve) to prevent the blast of the tube, and it is with large power, high power density, long life cycle and high temperature and pressure resistance. The patent number is 932105599.


▲Rated voltage: 95~380V
▲ Rated power: 2kW~24kW/piece
▲ Power density: ≤25W/cm2
▲ Diameter of the tube: Ф14~Ф22mm
▲ Length of the tube: ≤2000mm
▲ Life cycle: ≥10000h
▲ On-off  times: ≥5000 times
We can design and manufacture the heating element according to the customer’s requirements.


The products have been used in various fields, including:
1) The electric heating elements of ventilation system for Daya Bay, Ling’ao and Qinshan phase 1 and phase 2 NPPs.
2) The heating cable of electric heaters for No.7 of SHENZHOU airship.
3) Heating-storing-type electric heaters used in supersonic velocity wind tunnel
4) Electric heating elements for nuclear power reactor.
5) Electric heaters used in NaK alloy loop and storage tank for China Experimental Fast Reactor.