Video training system for nuclear power plants


By using 3D and network technologies, this video system is developed for on-line video training of the operation, maintenance, repair, overhaul and other knowledge of the primary and secondary related equipments in nuclear power plants. Based on the virtual and physical materials, such as the 3D digital models, videos and photos, the system can provide visual interactive training for the basic principles, structure, assembly and disassembly, maintenance and operation protection of the  reactor, steam generator, turbine, generator and other key equipments and related systems by means of  computer processing and display platforms including voice, 3D animation, video editing, digital simulation and interactive platform, to greatly improve the efficiency of the training and reduce the training cost.


(1) Virtual and physical situations is combined, and the training will not be limited by the environment conditions;
(2) The sub-chapters CD-ROM video and on-line interactive network platform are both available.


Interactive-platform: database version 1.0
Technical framework: .NET-Framework2.0
Programming language: C#
System architecture: the B/S structure
Background database: Oracle 10G , SQL Server support
Limit of the user number: None
CD media: DVD
Video definition: Standard Definition


The part of the CD version about Turbine and generator is applied in Tianwan nuclear power plant.

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