Electrical penetration assemblies

Electrical penetration assemblies for containments in nuclear power plants are the special engineered electric equipment for the penetration of cables through the pressure boundary of the containment, which are used to make connection of all electrics inside and outside of the pressure boundary, and to maintain the pressure boundary integrity and electrical signal continuity in normal or accident (LOCA) conditions, while preventing the leakage of radioactive materials.
We have applied for 17 patents of the product, and 9 patents have been granted.

lApplication of mature technologies
lThe proprietary technology adopted to improve the product quality and reliability
lThe molding process of “continuous balanced extrusion” applied for conductor assemblies to ensure the stability and reliability of the product quality

Safety classification
Electric class 1E and mechanic safety 2
Quality assurance grade
Earthquake resistance
 Category 1
Qualification grade (except the devices connected outside of the containment)
Normal service temperature
Design base temperature(MSLB)
Design base temperature(LOCA)
Design base pressure
Radiation dose
100 MRads

We can supply the equipment for newly constructed NPPs, and provide the modification and technical services for on-service NPPs.
lWe are undertaking the contracts of product supply for 12 units of Fuqing, Fangjianshan, Hongyanhe and Changjiang NPP projects. (4 units equipment have been delivered accordingly.)
lWe have provided the personnel training for the installation and maintenance personnel for the customers.



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