Nuclear Grade Flow Meter

The nuclear grade flow meter is developed based on the unique techniques of two patents (No. ZL97225521.4 and ZL98206185.4).


1.l High precision,
2.l Low gcuravcy losing
3.l Wide measurement range
4.l Long lifetime and high reliability
5.l Easy operation and maintenance
6.l Outstanding sealing ability can ensure there is no leak measure poisonous medium.

1.Measured maximum flow rate    40:1
2.Measured minimum flow rate     2~4kg/h
3.Applicable for tubes sized        6mm~400mm
4.Aperture rate range        0.125~0.75;
5.Applicable for Reynolds number   1.0×103~4.5×106

The nuclear grade flow meter have been used in China Advanced Research Reactor and Mingjiang Reactor with excellent performance

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