HD Reactor Test and Control System

HD reactor test and control system can be used to control and protect the reactor, and measure the nuclear parameters.

Strong anti-disturbance performance
High measuring precision
Steady working capability

l HD-1 wide range neutron measuring set
 Linear counting rate: 1~5×105CS-1;
 Logarithmic counting rate: 1~1×1010CS-1;
 Measurement error:
 Error of linear counting rate: ≤±1%;
  Non linear error in logarithmic indicating: ≤±10% (full scale)

l HD-2 logarithm period measuring set
  Measuring range: logarithm current 1×10-11A~1×10-4A;
  Measurement error: error of logarithmic indicating: ≤±1.5%
  (full range);
      Period measurement: -50S~ ∞ ~+5S;
      Error of period measurement: ≤±2% (full scale);
l HD-3 linear power measuring set
  Measuring range: 1×10-12A~1×10-4A, divided into 9 levels (scale),which will change the measuring range automatically as 10 times;
  Measurement sensitivity: 1×10-13A;
  Measurement error: measurement error per scale: ≤±1.5% (full level)
  Error of level changing: ≤±1.0% (full level)
l HD-4 pulse counting set
  Measuring range: linear: 1×5×105C/S
  Logarithm: 1×5×105C/S
  Period: -50S~ ∞ ~+5S
  Measurement error:
  Linear counting rate: ≤±1.0%
  Period indicating error: ≤±5% (full scale)
l HD-5 control and protecting system
  Design principle: satisfying the rules of faulty safety
  Choosing of the protecting channel: according to 1/2, 2/3 and 3/4 rules
  Control channel: designed as the single channel or actual requirements

The systems provided for the pulsed reactor and research reactors, and operated stably and still in a good status.

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