Control Rod Power Supply System (RAM)

The control rod power supply system is to supply the uninterrupted power for the control rod drive mechanism of nuclear power plants, which is important for the safety.

lA Safety classification : NCR
l Quality assurance grade: Q3
l Excellent stability and reliability
l Convenient maintenance

l Input power supply: two circuit, Three-phase, undistributed neutral alternating currents 380V/50Hz
l Output rated voltage Un: 260V/150V/50Hz, Three-phase, distributed neutral, independent from plant power supply 
l Load:The inductive load with  RGL system of CRDM , range of load:
       Rated active power: 79kW, cosφ=0.25;
       Minimal active power: 22kW, cosφ=0.25;
       Maximal active power: 124kW, cosφ=0.25

l Loss of power to the motor for less than 1.2 seconds does not result:
       output frequency>44Hz;
       output voltage: >234V;
l On-load characteristics:
    A transient load change from 0 to 79kW at a power factor for 0.25 will not result in an instantaneous voltage variation of more than ±10%.Voltage will return within ±5% of the rated value within 0.7 seconds.
l The two MG sets are redundant for each other, and only one set can supply sufficient power for all loads. The complete operation, control, protection and breaker board is provided

NPIC have undertaken the system delivery contract for 6 units of Yangjiang and Changjiang NPPs.



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