HY138 Glass Fiber Mat Weight and Binder Content of Control System


The type of system is an advanced scanning device that integrates electrical designation, nuclear technology, infra-red technology and computer programming. The overall concept to measure weight is to utilize the characteristic that -ray will be absorbed when transmit through the medium. Similarly, the measurement of the binder content is based on the principle that moisture absorbs infrared ray. The system adopts the on-line scan technology to measure Glass fiber mat weight and binder content without touching the measured items. The Industrial control computer will display and save the Glass fiber mat weight and binder content curve in real time and provide accurate data for the process control. The system utilizes sealed precision linear motion components for the scan module and adopts Synchronous servo motor to drive, so it has got a good performance in Synchronization, reliability, and a little maintenance workload. Measurement data transmits by three sections of the current transmission isolation mode; the product has good function in anti-interference and high stability.

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