Type-GTS 60 Co γ-Ray Flaw Detector

Type-GTS 60Co γ-ray non-destructive flaw detectors developed by the NPIC have been widely used in non-destructive testing of welding parts, castings and missile with ammunition. This machine is safe and reliable and can be simply operated. The Type-GTS has been sold to more than a dozen of provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions and has achieved favorable comments. The Type-GTS has two types – type I and type II, there are also some other optional equipments such as HY9135 γ-ray microcomputer automatic control detecting device, HY131 x, γ radiation alarm device, HY132 γ dosimeter, HY133 γ dose alarm device, exposure calculator and ruler for both cobalt and iridium device. This product has achieved the identification of ministerial since 1991, and won several gold prizes in international fairs and nationwide high-tech new product exhibitions. Moreover, Type-GTS 60Co γ-ray flaw detector was awarded as “the Annual International New Products” by National Science and Technology Commission in 1992.

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