Ability and Service

  • Reactor Theory Design

    Reactor Nuclear Design, Source Term and Shielding Design, and Environmental safety impact assessment

  • Reactor Structure Design

    R&Dof reactor structure, technical assistant and service.

  • Nuclear Power Facility R&D

    R&D of  RCP system and equipment, technical assistant and service.

  • Instrumentation & Control, Electric Design and Research

    R&D of instruments,control and electric system, technical service and products supply for nuclear power facility.

  • Nuclear Fuel Design

    R&D of reactor nuclear fuel, technical support and service

  • Thermal-Hydraulic and Safety Analysis

    R&D of NI Thermal hydraulic and safety analysis, accident strategy

  • Reactor Structure Mechanics Analysis

    Mechanics analysis and assessment of reactor structure and system

  • Nuclear Reactor System Software and Information Technology

    Research and development of the reactor system design software, manage the hardware and software, setup the electronic information system