Reactor Physics Research

Reactor Physics Experimental Technology

Physical experiment research on zero power reactors

Physical experiment on power reactor and research reactor

Research of critical supervising and radioprotection technology

Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis for Nuclear Power Plant Key Equipment

Research on Loose Part Monitoring and Diagnosis Technology

Research on Vibration monitoring and analysis technology on reactor and internals

Research on leak monitoring and quantization technology on NSSS pressure boundary

Research on Condition Monitoring and Fault Pattern Recognition on Reactor coolant pump

Research on Reactor Fluid Mechanics

Research on reactor integral hydraulic simulation

Measurement and numerical simulation on flow field in complicated reactor plenum

Research on flow characteristics in reactor coolant system and components

Reactor System and Power Equipment Research

Research on reactor system steady state and transient state characteristics;

Development and verification of reactor thermo-hydraulic code

Nuclear rank pump and valve performance test

Performance test for steam generator and its components;

Reactor related system design, installation and commissioning program assessment

Reactor engineering test facility design and research

Research of Metrology and Testing Technology

Research of Testing Technology

Design of Measurement and Control System

Dissemination of Value of a Quantity

The Second Metrology Service

Control Rod Drive Mechanism Power Supply System

Reactor Thermal Hydraulics Research

Two-phase flow mechanism research

Fluid-to-fluid modeling research

CHF mechanism and experiment research

Reactor core heat transfer experiment research

Passive safety system research

Severe accident mechanism and experiment research

Reactor Water Chemistry Research

Reactor water chemistry characteristics and optimization research

Reactor materials corrosion & protection research

SCWR water chemistry and corrosion research

Reactor decontamination and clean-up research

Reactor water chemistry on-line monitoring and control research

Mechanical Laboratory for Reactor Structure

Shock theoretical research and test of structure and equipment

Seismic theoretical research and test of structure and equipment

Seismic test of architecture structures

Dynamic analysis and test of structures

Vibration test

Analysis and test of structures due to flow induced vibration

Fatigue and fracture theoretical research and test of structure

Safety evaluation of structures and equipments in nuclear power plant

Technical research on leak before break in nuclear power plant

Research on aging and residual life of structures and equipments

Development and verification of analysis codes in structure mechanics field

Research on test techniques of structure mechanics

Non-destruction examination

R & D of General Equipments for Nuclear Reactor

Pilot operated safety relief valve

Metal seals of pressure vessel

Reactivity meters

Critical safety monitor

Nuclear reactor physical start-up system

Condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system for nuclear power key equipment

Pressure test device

Nuclear electric heating element

Passive hydrogen compound device

Boron heating system

Boron meter

Electric penetration assembly of NPP

Automatic water quality inspection and control system of reactor primary loop