Chemical Processing

Batch production of UO2 powder by AUC process

Sol-gel process to fabricate UO2 spheres

The treatment technology for the chemical liquid waste

The R&D of the chemical equipment design, environmental protection technology, fine chemical products

Powder Metallurgy

Ceramic materials process

Ceramic fuel process

Composite materials process

The surface treatment technology

R&D of high-performance shielding materials

The Metallurgy and Forming Technology

The development of the new nuclear fuel

The technology and equipment for alloy melting, heat treatment and forming of materials

The metal hydriding technology

The Performance Measurement and Evaluation of Nuclear Fuel and Materials

The measurement technique for the microstructure, physical properties, mechanical properties and corrosion properties

The advanced zirconium alloy research

The advanced vibration and noise reduction materials research

The structure materials research

The failure analysis of metal component

The corrosion and protection of nuclear power plant

The aging management service of nuclear power plant

Chemical Analysis

The chemical analysis instruments for nuclear fuel and materials

The chemical analysis and test methods for hundreds of nuclear fuel and materials

The test ability for the metal, ceramic and polymers

The Welding Technology

The vacuum electron beam welding, the laser welding, the soldering and argon arc welding, etc.

The welding technique for stainless steel and non-ferrous metal

The welding and assembling technique for some components with special structures.

The connection technique for the different metals

The emergency repairing technology for nuclear reactor system

Non-destructive Test

Systemically equipped Lab for the research and development of NDT technology and testing apparatus.

Capability of developing the special NDT apparatus

Capability of NDT for nuclear equipments

Many achievements in the service of nuclear power technology