The periodic signal generator is a compact and portable high-performance smart signal-generating instrument easy to apply, to simulate the initial values of reactor cycle and power by FM, AM, DC and index analog voltage signal. It also can be used for the test of nuclear instruments and reactivity meters.

The periodic signal generator, with high accuracy, wide range of applications and easy to operate, can simulate a variety of neutron detector output pulse, statistical fluctuation and micro-current signal, covering full range from shutdown to full power; output 2 ~ 999s positive and negative pulse period signal, Campbell periodic signal, DC periodic signal and voltage periodic signal and can be used for the debugging and testing of the cycle performance of nuclear measurement instruments.

Output Period:    2s~999s
Output of pulse signal:      10Hz~106Hz
Output voltage:    1mV~10V
Output of FM signal:        0V~5V
Output Current:    10-11A~10-4A
Periodic consistency:99.5%

Various signal generators have been provided to QinShan Phase II NPP Project, FangJiashan NPP, and etc.