The rod position indicating and rod control system (RGL) is used to withdraw/hold/insert the RCCA through supplying the sequence current for control rod drive mechanism (CRDM), to perform the startup/shutdown/power operation of reactor, and monitor the rod position in the core. RGL system is one of the important special systems for reactor operation, which is critical to the NPP economics.

1. Brand new in China, with all intellectual property in the form of copyright and patent;
2. All technical index reaches the advanced level in the world;
3. A digital system;
4. Various reliable techniques adopted to improve the reliability and usability.

1. Rod speed:6steps/min~72steps/min
2. Accuracy of rod speed:±2steps/min
3. CRDM coil current (adjustable):
     Lift coil:  40A(full current),16A(half current)
     Movable grip coil:  8A(full current), 4.7A(half current)
     Stationary grip coil: 8A(full current), 4.7A(half current)
4. Current scope of detector primary coil: 0A~1.9A
Accuracy of rod position measurement: ±8 step(primarily)

This product is applicable for 30MW/60MW/100MW PWRs, and has been applied in QinShan Phase II Nuclear Power Plant, QinShan Phase II Extension Nuclear Power Plant, and HaiNan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant.