CPP Drain Equipment


During the overhaul of nuclear power plants, this CPP drain equipment can quickly drain the CPP related system lines to save the time and expense required by the overhaul.


During the NPP overhaul, some CPP related equipments and pipes will be drained for maintenance. After CPP draining on the U tube level by RRA001PO/002PO、RPE001PO/002PO and PTR005PO, most residual water in the CPP will be drained by the force of gravity. This draining will be last about 15 hours.
This draining time can be reduced by using this CPP drain equipment. The draining of RRA system lines and the pipes between RIS-RCP check valves can be carried out by using this CPP drain equipment. Draining water will be directly discharged to RPE001BA. It will save more time and maintenance expense by using the CPP drain equipment.


1) Consisting of the CPP drain equipment: 1 air-actuated bellows pump and its accessories (1 silencer, 1 control valve with filter ), 1 anti-sputter equipment, 1 barrow, 6 manual valves, 2 junction with switch, 2 junction without switch, some flexible pipes with quick release couplings (this CPP drain equipment is without the safety function)

2) Drained water: reactor coolant (primary radioactivity waste water); concentration of boric acid ≤2500ppm; radioactivity<4×109Bq/t (high radioactivity, containing Xe133, I131,Co58 and etc.);temperature≤60℃


This CPP drain equipment has been successfully designed and supplied for Ling’ao Nuclear Power Plant Phase I.