About NPIC

Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC), a subsidiary to China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), is the only large-scale comprehensive R&D base in China incorporating reactor engineering research, design, test, operation and small batch production. Since its foundation in 1965, NPIC has established a complete research and development system, including nuclear power engineering design, equipment assembly and supply of NSSS, reactor operation and application research, reactor engineering test and research, nuclear fuel and material research, isotope production, nuclear technology application research and services, etc.

NPIC is currently staffed by more than 2,400 professionals, and among them there are more than 1,700 professors, senior engineers, and engineers, and 3 academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering. NPIC has established 90 laboratories including two national key laboratories and two national energy R&D centers covering more than 50 subjects and specialties. Until recently, more than 1,500 national or provincial (ministerial) awards have been granted to NPIC, together with more than 100 patents. It also has established the postdoctoral mobile research station and the doctorial and master degree conferring unit for several subjects in China.

The advanced facilities and strong technical capability enable NPIC to play a significant role in high technology field and the industry system for advanced energy exploration in China. Since its foundation, 7 nuclear facilities have been designed and constructed by NPIC on self-reliance such as the 1st High Flux Engineering Test Reactor in China, and therefore NPIC is praised as the reactor valley in China. In the “615” base constructed in 1990s, there are 18 large scale test installations for R&D of reactor engineering which are the most advanced in China and almost in the world. Now, a new comprehensive R&D base incorporating basic research, design, test, engineering verification and development of key equipment is being constructed by NPIC.

NPIC has passed the accreditation of the quality system standard ISO9001-2008 and is a qualified Class-A designer of the main process of reactor engineering as well as a supplier of system integration and NSSS. Currently, it is undertaking the engineering design and technical service of nuclear island (NI) main system or NSSS of nuclear power engineering projects for Qinshan Phase-ⅡExtension, LingAo Phase-Ⅱ, Hongyanhe, Fuqing, Fangjiashan, Ningde, Yangjiang, Changjiang, and so on.

Being committed to R&D of nuclear power, NPIC has developed nuclear power plants CP600/CP1000/CPR1000, the localized self-owned brand with independent intellectual property rights. Besides, NIPC undertakes the R&D of next generation of nuclear power plants ACP100, ACP600 and ACP1000, series of CF fuel elements, and advanced research of technology of super-critical water reactor and so on.

NPIC provides a series of specialized technical services for nuclear power plants and research reactors, including the overhaul and regular maintenance, supply of special tools, qualification of nuclear equipment and treatment of radioactive wastes and other services, which are being industrialized. NPIC has developed a series of primary products such as nuclear reactors for sea water desalination, low temperature nuclear heat supply, civil use isotopes and various kinds of medical treatment machines, industrial flaw detectors, a series of ‘Yunke’ anti-rheumatism pharmaceuticals and new materials for reactors.

In the past 40 years, NPIC made great contribution to national economy and the development of nuclear power cause, and therefore is praised as the Cradle of Nuclear Engineering in China by Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China. Facing the future, NPIC will adhere to the motto of Independent Innovation and Scale New Height, and move forward to the development goal to be the R&D center for nuclear engineering in China and one of the world-leading institutes.